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photography // ffotograffiaeth

         John Hughes
                                                            Over the past few months, we’ve
                                                            been featuring photospreads by local
                                                            photographers, and this month is no
                                                            This month we’re introducing you to the
                                                            work of John A Hughes who told us:
                                                            “My photographic work is always created
                                                            on impulse. For many years now I have
                                                            been photographing by using my mobile
                                                            phone. When I see something visually
                                                            interesting, I capture it on my phone.
                                                            My background is in photography,
                                                            design and I.T. However, I do very little
                                                            manipulation to my own photographic
                                                            work except change the brightness &
                                                            contrast or change the image to black &
                                                            white or crop.

                                                            Over the years I have enjoyed creating
                                                            multimedia video clips / posters for a
                                                            Moscow based DJ as well as exhibiting my
                                                            work in galleries across Moscow Region.

                                                            In my spare time I enjoy creating abstract
                                                            paintings and artwork. I hope in 2021 I will
                                                            dust off my 35 mm film camera and digital
                                                            camera and start photographing more
                                                            around Ceredigion.

                                                            Instagram (photography):
                                                            Instagram (art): cacenffenest”

                                                            If you’d like to be considered for this
                                                            feature, please email us on

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