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                                         In the


                                         with David


                                                his, in many ways,   physical activity is temporarily
                                                follows nicely on from   halted. It mainly happens when
                                                last month. The leaves   conditions turn colder but
                                         Thave now almost all      not always. Snails and worms
                                         fallen from deciduous plants   will stop their activities if the
                                         and, I imagine, have been   conditions become too hot and
                                         cleared away so that there aren't  dry. This form of dormancy is
                                         any overwintering pests and   called aestivation. Reptiles go
                                         diseases lurking near precious   into brumation where they
                                         plants. Lawns too have been   become dormant during cold
                                         raked to remove leaves which   conditions apart from when they
                                         potentially could have caused   need to take on water. Many
                                         bald patches by springtime if   animals go into hibernation
                                         they had been left. But what of   including bats, hedgehogs,
                                         the plants? What is dormancy?   various rodents and insects.
                                         Let's find out.             Plants go dormant in
                                           Dormancy is a period on a   seasons where they are
                                         plant's or animal's life when   unable to grow due to climate

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