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photography // ffotograffiaeth

         Matt Wilby

                                                        Every month we feature the work of a
                                                        local photographer, and this month is no
                                                        exception! This month we’re introducing
                                                        you to Matt Wilby, who sent us the
                                                        following information about himself and
                                                        his photography:
                                                         “Born and raised in central England, I
                                                        now live in Aberystwyth on the beautiful
                                                        Welsh coast. The light and variety of
                                                        landscapes in which I live cry out to be
                                                        photographed and this is where my
                                                        photography journey began.
                                                         My personal photography focuses on
                                                        landscapes and has taken me further
                                                        afield to Morocco, Slovenia and Bahrain.
                                                        Professionally, I have worked for customers
                                                        on interior design projects, tourism,
                                                        product photography (specialising in
                                                        outdoor product photography), corporate
                                                        events, for clients social media accounts,
                                                        as well as in the development of marketing
                                                        photography for venues.”

                                                        You can view more of Matt’s photos at his
                                                        website, or on
                                                        Instagram: @wilbymatt

                                                        If you’d like to be considered for this
                                                        feature, please email us on

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