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                                         In the


                                         with David


                                                  utumn is upon us and   Leaves should be cleared from
                                                  the big garden tidy up  lawns as they will kill the grass
                                                  begins. A little bit of   if left. Leaves will decrease the
                                         Apruning perhaps and      vigour of the grass and starve it
                                         some annuals to uproot. Then   of light resulting in bald patches
                                         there's the leaves. An ongoing   and thin turf. Leaves left on
                                         task until they have all fallen.  lawns also increases moisture
                                           Ponds should be covered with   levels which can rot the roots
                                         mesh to stop leaves falling into   of grass plants. A weekly raking
                                         the water and rotting. The result   with a lawn rake will stop this
                                         of which is a heightening of the   happening. What should happen
                                         acidity in the water which is   to the raked leaves? Well, they
                                         detrimental to pond-life. If any   may be taken to the tip but
                                         leaves do fall into a pond, then   they can also be added to the
                                         they must be skimmed from   compost heap or kept to create
                                         the surface before they start to   leaf litter. More on that later.
                                         deteriorate and sink into the   There are two options for
                                         water.                    leaves on borders. They can

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