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                                    The EGO® 11.are very handy for such jobs. Add a hot composter and food waste can also be turned into compost. I believe that home made compost is far better than anything we can buy as the waste material used is from the same location as it’s being applied. The compost already has elements which may be unique to that location present in the mix that will be returned to the soil from where it was taken.December has fewer tasks for the gardener so it’s worth while cleaning and sharpening tools, planning and researching ready for the start of the growing season. It’s about six weeks before the first seeds are sown indoors, including some tomato varieties, and we will be rapidly increasing our activities from then on. I’m going to research soil life over the winter as I want to find out more about the life I’m feeding through mulching and growing cover crops. The more we understand about our own soil the better as a happy soil can result in fewer problems. Plants will be much more resilient to pests and diseases if they grow stronger through being part of a healthy soil community. Make the soil happy and the plants will definitely benefit.
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