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conditions. In temperate regions   air circulation will reduce infections.   they need food as they aren't active
       that means during the winter   Cut back to a bud so that the new   but it may stimulate new tender
       when temperatures become colder   growth will be the termination of the  growth which will be severely
       and daylight is reduced. Plants   pruned branch. Any material above   damaged by winter conditions.
       need their rest like the rest of us.   a bud will probably die if left after   Mulching is a good idea as this adds
       Evergreens and indoor plants also   pruning. Make sure that all tools   an extra layer of protection for the
       have a dormant, non-growing, rest   used are clean before and after use   roots, dissuades weeds and is slowly
       period. Water requirements are   by wiping the blades with a solution   incorporated into the soil. This must
       less as the plant isn't producing any   of rubbing alcohol or bleach at 10%   be added on a frost free mild day
       new growth. The plant is protecting   strength. Clean tools means that one  preferably after the soil has become
       itself as any new soft growth would   plant won't infect another if it has a   damp as the mulch will help retain
       be damaged by the cold winter   disease.                 the moisture. If mulch is added on a
       conditions.                   Outdoor plants, especially those   frosty day then the cold frost will be
         Just because most of the garden   in containers, will still need access   retained and that's not wanted. It's
       is dozing doesn't mean that we   to water during their period of   better if weeds have been removed
       can take a break. Many plants are   snoozing. If the winter is dry, then   before adding mulch as large
       pruned during the winter and early   water sparingly at a frost free period  specimens may poke through the
       spring when the sap isn't rising.   of the day. It will be beneficial to   added layer which is not desirable.
       Some of these include – apples,   your plants just like their indoor   They would benefit from protection
       pears, blackcurrants, gooseberries,   cousins. Many container kept plants   along with the plants.
       roses, buddleia, hydrangea and many  don't survive the winter due to   Gardens never stop and nor
       other deciduous shrubs. Choose a   dehydration. If the soil is frozen or   should we. Being active in the
       dry, mild day for the task. Any dead   frosty, then don't add water as it will  garden keeps us fit and warm in the
       wood or crossing branches are first   freeze the roots.  colder months.
       to be cut out. Then make sure the   Feeding plants up to and during
       plant has an open looking shape as   is also a big mistake. Not only don't

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