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 Craig Swanson  Every month we feature a photospread by

 a local photographer, and this month is no
 This month we’re introducing you to the
 work of Craig Swanson, who sent us the
 following information about himself and
 his photography:
 “Being born and raised in Aberystwyth,
 I have a passion for making photographs
 and being outdoors in and around the local
 We have the most amazing land and
 seascapes right here on our doorstep
 in Aberystwyth and the surrounding
 countryside. These and the epic mountains
 of North Wales have become the focus for
 my photography.
 Sunsets on the beaches and the endless
 views from hills and mountains have
 inspired me to get out and about with my
 camera and to capture the beauty that
 surrounds me.
 My hope for all of my photographs is
 that they, for a moment at least, allow
 the viewer to be transported to the
 breathtakingly beautiful places that we are
 lucky to call home.”
 You can also view more of Craig’s
 photos at @craigswansonpics on
 social media or at his website, www.

 If you’d like to be considered for this
 feature, please email us on contact@

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