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                                    The EGO® 11.them out not only for seeds but advice. Who better to go to if seeds aren’t germinating or seedlings aren’t behaving themselves.Another place to ask for advice or gardening help is through my website as shown as the foot of the article. I’m offering a service that goes beyond the usual gardening service through my small businesses. I’ve been told that my fees are very reasonable if you need help in your garden. Contact details are on my website as is an introduction to what I offer.Sadly this is my final column in the final EGO. I’ll miss writing the column and I’ve enjoyed contributing words and photographs to the magazine since March 2018. Thanks to Huw, Paddy and the team for their sterling work over the last 10 years. It’s a big task to create a magazine for such a long time after their brainwave to establish a free local publication.One final piece of advice before I finish, keep you mouth closed as you strim. Happy gardening!
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