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 On Extinction Rebellion and   People who   It is the power that tops any   powerful communal support for the
                                          government, any army, any global
                                                                    first time.
       possess wealth
                                                                      All this is why almost every town
                                          corporation. It is the power of
                                                                    in the country has seen an XR group
                                          nature - of the Earth itself.
 leaving our grandchildren   and power seldom   that the Earth is on its way to   spring up in the last few months,
                                            Everyone is beginning to see
                                                                    including Aberystwyth. Bus-loads
       want to face up to
                                          terminating the status quo; and
                                                                    of protestors from this area went to
 with a viable earth to inhabit   the fact that it is   as the evidence mounts, the less   occupy Oxford Circus on April 15th,
                                          blind amongst the powerful begin
                                                                    and some did not return for 10 days.
       transitory; but we
                                                                    The commitment is total. And it is
                                          to realise that change must happen.
                                          The protestors have the power of
                                                                      The government and the media
 By Carol Nixon  are discovering          facts on their side.      have started to take notice, but
                                            And this XR movement is
       that they can be
                                                                    the authorities are still saying
                                          deliberately structured in such a
       made to.                           way as to demonstrate the best   that ‘decarbonisation by 2025 is
                                          of human interaction. The way in   impossible.’ Nothing is impossible
                                          which every so-called ‘arrestable’   if you want it badly enough. We
                                          is backed up by cooks, helpers,   want our grandchildren to have a
 Carol Nixon shares her                   welfare workers and legal observers   viable Earth to live in badly enough.
 thoughts on the recent climate           has brought many to tears who have   Do you?
 emergency protests, which                experienced this atmosphere of
 have taken place up and
 down the country

 y now, few readers   under an avalanche of fake science and   the Western world have favoured the
 can be unaware of the  trivia. Still the current POTUS states   rich over the poor since history began,
 Extinction Rebellion   unequivocally that climate change is a   whether at the level of individuals or
 demonstrations and   ‘hoax.’  of countries: POWER = WEALTH =
 blockades which   Have we ever seen such a flagrant   POWER. People who possess wealth
 took place in London   example of Goebbels’ ‘Big Lie’ in modern   and power seldom want to face up to
 before Easter. My   times? Shout loud enough and often   the fact that it is transitory; but we are
 Bcertainty of this is   enough and you will convince, if not all,   discovering that they can be made to.
 a measure of how they have succeeded   at least enough.  Protest on its own could not overcome
 in their primary goal - to raise climate   It is therefore with a feeling almost of   such immense levels of power bias in
 change to the top of the agenda, and get   exultation that people who have watched   society, because as soon as a ‘normal’
 people thinking and talking about the   this sorry spectacle with anguish   revolution succeeds, the new leaders
 topic.  throughout their adult lives, witness the   are corrupted and sucked into the same
 For 40 years climate scientists,   growth of a mass movement which will   nexus of wealth and power; we need only
 and those who believed them, have   put up with this deceit and hypocrisy no   remember George Orwell’s Animal Farm
 clamoured to be heard. Their warnings   longer.  as a poignant reminder of this.
 have been downplayed, minimised,   The use of the word ‘rebellion’ is   But this time there is a greater power
 refuted, scorned, and ultimately buried   significant. The power structures of   which in the end will force change.

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