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 Ysgol Plascrug


 Images by/lluniau gan Emma Goldsmith

 One of Aberystwyth’s oldest and most iconic schools celebrates its
 50th birthday this year and we sent Huw along to meet his former
 teacher and Plascrug stalwart and headmistress, Menna Sweeney,
 to find out a bit more about her and the school’s history.

 So Menna, tell me a bit about   September 1981. I was very fortunate   and have worked with six headteachers.
 yourself? I am Ceredigion born and   to have my dream job as a full time PE   I became deputy headteacher in 2007
 bred and was brought up on a farm   teacher in a primary school, but it was   working alongside Mrs Rhian Phillips,
 in Llanwnen, near Lampeter. I went   a hard job to follow in Mr Lloyd Evans’   and appointed head in September 2014,
 to Llanwnen Primary and Lampeter   footsteps!  From the start, it was in at the  following Rhian’s retirement.
 Comprehensive School, from which   deep end and   the prospect of coaching a
 I have many happy memories. I have   gymnastics team to compete in the Urdd   This year the school is celebrating
 always enjoyed all sport and during my   Eisteddfod was frightening. However,   its 50th birthday. That is quite a
 time in school took part in as many   over the years, it became my passion and   milestone! Indeed it is. When I first
 different sports as possible. I went on to   many teams have been lucky enough to   started in Plascrug in September 1981,
 Cardiff College of Education to study PE   win a few medals.  I also have many fond   I never thought I would still be here
 and Geography and then as they say, the   memories of hours spent with the hockey  when celebrating its 50th birthday. It has
 rest is history. As I approach retirement,   teams on Saturday mornings playing in   been a very interesting time talking to
 I hope to have the time to take up golf, I   the mini minor league. Teaching PE to   previous colleagues, pupils and parents
 have had many starter lessons but have   infant and nursery pupils was also very   about their memories and looking
 never progressed from there!     new to me, so thank you Mrs Rhiannon   through loads and loads of photographs
 Steeds for all your help, advice and ideas   of the school’s many successes.
 And tell me about your journey in   for infant sports day events, which by
 Plascrug School over the years. I   the way are still as popular today! As the   To be such a successful school over
 first started teaching in Plascrug in   years flew by, I have taught many classes   so many decades does not happen by

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