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 EGO abroad

 In every edition we include a picture of the
 magazine in a different part of the world and the
 list of places that the EGO® has visited keeps
 on growing! This month we’re with Will Johnson in
 Germany on a recent excursion with AKT
 (Aberystwyth Kronberg Twinning) outside the
 Kurhaus in Wiesbaden.
 Will has advised us that the building was erected
 in 1907 at the request of Emperor William II. It cost
 six million marks at the time and is inscribed with
 the words ‘Aquis Mattiacis’, meaning ‘dedicated
 to the springs of the Mattiaci’ from Roman times
 (around 6-15 AD). Not far from this building, the rich
 thermal springs can be found that give Wiesbaden
 its name. The first mention of the name ‘Wisibada’
 can be found in records from the year 828 AD.
 The excursion was part of the annual visit by AKT
 to Kronberg im Taunus for the Christmas market,
 where Welsh goods are sold to promote Wales.

 Next month… New York, with one of the EGO’s most
 well-known contributors! Please send all of your
 foreign photos to
 and who knows, next month this feature could be all
 about you?

 Aber Inverted

 This feature is a photography competition
 with a twist – literally!    Pic of the Month

 Today we’ve included a dusky shot by regular
 contributor Rob Mangan who has captured the      We hope that this feature will provide
 entrance to Aberystwyth harbour in all of its glory.   This feature is self-explanatory and as always,   an opportunity for both local and visiting
 But wait! Looking out to sea, shouldn’t the stone   we’ve received a brilliant batch of photographs   photographers alike, a rare chance to show off
 jetty be on the left? It’s amazing how the press of a   from our readers.  their best work to many thousands of people.
 button can make such a difference...  This month’s submission is from former EGO   Please submit your pictures to contact@
          Abroad star, Nia Williams who took this fantastic and quote reference
 Why not try and get your own picture included?   pic from Aberystwyth’s south promenade.   PICOFMONTH.
 Simply send your snaps to contact@ and we’ll print the most
 suitable as soon as we can!
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