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                                         with David

                                                                                                       spread is predictable. Pulling it out
                                                                                                       can also stop its progress. Certain   through to the beginning of June.   honeydew on a shelf around a plant
                                                                                                                                                                 pot. Thankfully there weren't too
                                                                                                                                    Last year during the first lockdown
                                                                                                       butterflies as well as pollinators love   the weather was glorious. As I   many and a finger and thumb dealt
                                                                                                       it so there are benefits of leaving it   write this in early June, there are   with them. Plants which have been
                                                 arden pests come   started to nibble some Cerastium   to grow.                     no flowers on the foxgloves, they   attacked need to be checked more
                                                 in all shapes and   in full view of my window. The      This hare was really bold and   are only just showing buds, while   than once as eggs may well have
                                                 sizes. This year I'm   cheek of it! These plants can be   didn't mind me being just the other   last year they were flowering by   been laid and more aphids could
                                         Gexperiencing a large     thought of as weeds, they spread    side of the glass. It must have known  May. The weather does have a   emerge to cause problems. Regular
                                         influx of aphids or greenfly as   easily so a little grazing helps   it was safe with me in there. I'm   big influence on our gardens and   observations need to be carried out.
                                         they are commonly known.   keep them under control. I like    wondering if it was the same one   what they look like. All of that bad   I'm looking forward to seeing
                                         Young leaves are curling   the white flowers and silver-grey   who watched me vacuum the lounge  weather during spring this year   my visiting gardener prune some
                                         on honeysuckle, roses and   leaves which contrast nicely      some time ago. It was like being on   doesn't look like it stopped the   more of my Cerastium so it doesn't
                                         gooseberry plants. These insects   with other plants all of which   hare TV it must have been very well   aphids being abundant. Just the   get out of hand. I hope it doesn't
                                         can be sprayed off or squished   are alpines or rockery plants   entertained by the amount of time   opposite by what I can see. It's the   start fancying any more of my more
                                         between finger and thumb. Not   which I'm growing between     it was staring at the window. I wrote   young new sappy growth that these   precious plants or anything from the
                                         so the large pests and that's   the paving to create a rockery   about that at the time.   insects love. It's not only outdoor   fruit and veg beds. It doesn't come
                                         what this is all about.   terrace. Cerastium can also be        Looking through my garden   plants which need to be checked   into the garden regularly, there can
                                           I was having lunch sitting in   controlled through pruning, this   photographs has made me realise   for these insects as with windows   be many months between visits, it
                                         my lounge looking out over the   hare was saving me a job. Having   how far the garden is behind   open our houseplants can also be   prefers the surrounding fields. After
                                         garden when a face appeared   it planted between the cracks of   compared to last year. This year   targeted. These too need to be   it had nibbled for about ten minutes
                                         from under the hedging. The   crazy paving means that it can   we had a terrible cold, wet and   checked. The first thing I knew of an   it disappeared through the hedging
                                         hare came onto the terrace and   only spread along the gaps so its   sometimes snowy spring right   indoor aphid attack was seeing sticky  once more.

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