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                                      Coleg Ceredigion

                                      Students earn Duke

                                      of Edinburgh Award

                                             oleg Ceredigion’s vocational
                                             access students recently
                                             completed their Duke of
                                      CEdinburgh awards, with seven
                                      students receiving the silver award and
                                      six the bronze award.
                                        Working for this prestigious award
                                      during the duration of the academic
                                      year, students divided their time
                                      volunteering, improving skills as well as
                                      taking part in physical activities in order
                                      to earn their award.
                                        For the volunteering aspect of the
                                      award, which was nature/sustainability
                                      based, the students worked tirelessly
                                      creating bird boxes and bee hotels which
                                      were then donated to two community
                                      groups, Dyfi Osprey Project and the
                                      Borth Community Gardens.
                                        For the skills aspect, the students
                                      worked on improving their culinary skills,
                                      both with and without support as well as
                                      learning about food service.
                                        Showcasing all the skills that they

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