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learned, at the end of the year staff were treated to   individual targets of learners.
       an afternoon tea which was served by the students   “I’m so proud of how the students worked in order
       themselves.                                to achieve their awards and I’m sure that this will
         Taking inspiration from the local myth of Cantre'r   have helped with their mental health and wellbeing,
       Gwaelod was the driving force behind the physical   especially during the lockdown period.
       aspect of the award.                         “I'm really pleased with how it helps the learners and
         Working closely with the performing arts department,  hope others will be able to benefit from this next year.”
       the students performed an adaption telling the story of   Coleg Sir Gar and Coleg Ceredigion support the
       the vanished kingdom in West Wales.        Duke of Edinburgh programme because it has been
         According to Jack, one of the vocational access   instrumental in providing a rich learning experience for
       students: “I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Duke  young people, that compliments, and in some instances
       of Edinburgh award as it has helped me embrace my   extends, the knowledge, skills and attitudes they
       creative side as well as helping with my mental health.    develop in a traditional learning environment.
         “I enjoyed the variety of activities involved and doing    It provides an exciting opportunity for personal
       them with friends from the course made it even better.  development allowing learners to push their own
         “Gaining this award has opened up so many   boundaries whilst engaging in a team environment.
       possibilities for me.”                        Moving from the comfort zone to the challenge zone
         Vocational access lecturer Maggie Neville states:   is a daunting prospect for some young people and the
       “The new independent living skills curriculum in further   DofE programme allows personal growth and discipline
       education colleges is non-qualification delivery based on  to flourish.
       the four pillars of learning; skills for work, skills for life,    Time management, determination and the drive to
       community engagement and health and wellbeing.   succeed are qualities that are required for any walk of
         “The Duke of Edinburgh Award enables the learners   life and are the fundamental reasons why this scheme is
       to develop this, and is particularly good at meeting the   so successful and important for learners.

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