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common name of yellowhammer.   UK are in severe decline. It's on the   help in order for their numbers to
       The call, quoted above, is sung by   red list here although elsewhere in   be kept off the red list. The red list
       male yellowhammers who learn   its range, numbers are holding up.   also includes house sparrows and
       the song from their fathers. Over   It's not thought of as a species giving  starlings among the 67 species. Just
       time, slight regional differences have  worldwide concern although our   below the red list in the amber list
       emerged and it has been seen that   residents are in decline. Anything we  it includes mallards and dunnocks
       females preferably breed with males  can do to help conserve our wildlife,   within the 96 species showing this
       who have the regional accent that   even in a very small way, is very well   level of concern. Let's hope that
       they identify with and not another   worth doing. My feeders and water   there can be a reverse in fortunes for
       yellowhammer.                are visited frequently by many birds   all of our wildlife.
         I was very pleased to see this bird   which are common species on the
       over a few weeks as numbers in the   whole. Even those though need our

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