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       Nature Notes By                                          brushing against nettles. Mauve stingers
                                                                give a highly irritating sting with a
                                                                burning sensation which can result in
       David Williams                                           nausea, blisters and scabs.
                                                                  It’s best to look at those washed up
                                                                but not to touch. If stung in the water,
 Crushed whelk shells                                           get out immediately and remove any
 from Cardigan Bay                                              tentacles or stings still attached to your
                                                                skin. As long as they are attached, they
                                                                have the potential to keep on stinging.
 Use for    f you like them or not, you may   concentration and few predators.  Remove with gloves, if at all possible, just
 •  Plant pot and terrarium dressing   well spot some summer visitors   There are six species commonly   in case it stings your hand. Scraping the
 •  Garden borders and beds  washed up along our coastline.
 •  Drainage layer to aid run-off   During the summer months   found in our waters. Each one can sting   affected area with a credit card can help
 •  Surface mulch to retain moisture  whether dead or alive as long as the   remove any lingering stings. Warm water
 •  Natural, gentle, pest control  it’s possible to find jellyfish   animal is still wet. While any part is   and vinegar can both help relieve the
      Iwashed up on our beaches here
 A great alternative to quarried grit or gravel  in Ceredigion and elsewhere in the UK,   hydrated, particularly the tentacles, they   stinging sensation. If in doubt always get
 Bulk quantities available on request  can still sting. Compass jellyfish have   medical help or aid from any available
       particularly along west and south coasts.   markings like that of a compass and   beach patrol.
       Jellyfish can be seen here at any time
                                                                  Blooms of jellyfish were spotted off   between April and September especially   can give a feeling like stinging nettles if   the coast of Ynyslas a few weeks back,
                                    stung. Barrel jellyfish give a weak sting.
       after rough seas. They have been around   Moon jellyfish with four white rings have   reported by local boat users. Many were
       for millions of years, being the oldest   a sting not strong enough to penetrate a   washed up on the shoreline as the tide
       multi organ animal species on the planet   human. Lion’s main jellyfish with orange   receded providing some interesting
 SWYDDI  crustaceans, fish eggs, small fish and   and red tentacles can give a nasty sting   photographic opportunities. It made
       which is alive today. They eat plankton,
                                                                a walk along the beach even more
                                    and medical attention is recommended.
       other jellyfish. They don’t have many
                                    Blue jellyfish again give the feeling of
 JOBS  predators, if any, within UK waters as
       they are top of their own food chain.
       Jellyfish can be found all over the world
       ranging in size from the smallest bells of
       0.5mm to ones with tentacles 36.5 metres
 > Lle gwych i   > A great place   long. The ones visiting British waters
     fyw a gweithio     to live and work  aren’t of such extreme sizes.
         They tend to congregate in oxygen
       poor waters where plankton is abundant.
       While other plankton eating creatures
       find it difficult to survive there, it’s
       just the right conditions for jellyfish.
       As jellyfish numbers increase through
       rapid reproduction, sometimes to
 Afternoon Tea & Dining   overwhelming numbers, other ocean
 available daily   species can find it difficult to survive in
       that area. Blooms are becoming more
 - booking recommended  common in UK waters when jellyfish
       cluster together when the conditions
 01970 600522  are favourable. This is because of
       warming sea temperatures, more  sunshine, changing ocean currents,
       greater amounts of food, higher oxygen

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