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 an interview with
 Harriet Taylor  process was a bit surreal really! They

 had audition days all around the UK
 but I was contacted by a member of
 the casting team who remembered
 me from BBC’s Pitch Battle, to attend
 an audition in Cardiff.  I guess in a
 way,  Pitch  Battle  was  the  first  round
 of auditions but everyone involved
 By Huw Bates  in the show, whether a contestant or
 a judge, had to go through the same
 audition procedure. I was the second
 person to be seen on my day, so I was
 lucky to get it over with quite quickly
 In 2010 a fresh-faced  Penarth  show I’m in and sometimes even  really and with minimal waiting around
 student  arrived in  Aberystwyth  an ‘Elsa’ appearance thrown in of a  - as I was leaving there were queues
 to start her degree at Prifysgol  weekend but I’ve been lucky enough  of hundreds at the venue! It included
 Aberystwyth University.  Six years  to take part in a few bigger projects  3 songs, a chat with the producers
 later she moved back to Cardiff  over the last couple of years which  and vocal coach plus a chat with
 having  established  herself as one  has been incredible.  a few researchers. On the day of
 of  Aber’s  most  recognisable  and   auditioning I didn’t know if it was to be
 popular performers,  most notably  And  I  think  it’s  fair  to  say  that  a contestant or judge - obviously my
 through  her time with  Elinor  you’ve  got  very  strong  links  to  chat was better than my singing!
 Powell’s  Sgarmes  (during  which  Aberystwyth?  Yes  -  very  fair!  I
 they reached the live final of BBC’s  came  to Aberystwyth  in 2010  to  Tell  me more about  your  Pitch
 Pitch  Battle)  and  the  Aberystwyth  study Drama and Theatre Studies  Battle   experience.  Being  a
 Wardens. She is currently pursuing  at  the University.  Fast  forward  six  contestant on a show is certainly a
 a career in TV and will shortly be on  years to January 2016 when I left to  totally different experience to being
 our screens every Saturday night  go  back  home  to  Cardiff  with  a  first  a  judge!  Everything  in  Pitch  Battle
 as one of the judges on primetime  class degree, thirteen shows, four  was a complete novelty - I had never
 TV  show  All  Together  Now.  Huw  professional acting credits, a godson,  done anything like it before. From
 caught up with her during a trip  a boyfriend, a  career  and life-long  costume, to make up, to green screen
 back to watch this year’s Wardens  friends to my name. I’ve got a lot to  filming  -  it  was  all  surreal.  We  were
 production  of  Aladdin  to  find  out  thank  Aberystwyth  for  -  it’s  like  a  working with literally the best in the
 more about her and her hopes and  second home.  business and it was hard to believe
 dreams for the future.  it  was  real  sometimes  –  a  real  red
 “Harriet  Taylor  -  TV  Star”  –  that’s  letter  day  experience!  It  definitely
 got a nice ring to it hasn’t it?! Haha!  helped  prepare me  for  All Together
 So Harriet, tell me a bit about  I  wouldn’t  go  that  far!  As  I  said,  I’ve  Now in terms of the scale of the whole
 yourself.  Well  where  do  I  start?!  I’m  ‘dabbled’ but I’m definitely not TV star  production  and  the  hours  you  work!
 a singing, acting Disney princess who  status!  Jeeze Louise, not much can prepare
 teaches musical theatre, dabbles in a   you  for  fifteen  hour  days  in  camera-
 bit of TV and weekdays I find qualified  Well  you’re  very  modest  but  two  ready make up and heels, but Pitch
 accountants jobs - I think that pretty  primetime TV shows  in  18 months  Battle was a good warm-up.
 much  sums  it  up  -  I  definitely  like  to  -  that’s  pretty  good  going  and  I
 keep myself busy! Aside from the day  imagine  the  selection  process  During  the  two  shows  you’ve
 job, I try to keep the rest of my time  for  All  Together  Now  was pretty  worked with some very talented and
 focused on being creative as much as  rigorous? Well thank you and don’t  famous people. Can you remind us
 possible. On a weekly basis it’s things  get me wrong, I am very proud of  of a few names and by whom have
 like choir, rehearsals for whatever  the last 18 months. The selection  you been most starstruck? Are
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