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plant. The spider effect makes the   size, particularly in temperatures of   be soaked up into the compost.
       plant suitable for hanging baskets.   14oC to 18oC. They grow easily and   The soil shouldn't be left to dry
       They used to be hung from ceilings   can outgrow a pot rapidly. As soon   out. Brown leaf tips can be caused
       in colourful crocheted or macramé   as the roots can be seen through   by not watering enough and also
       pot holders. The leaves can either be  the bottom of the pot, it's time   through low humidity. They need to
       straight or curled, all green, a stripe   to plant in a larger pot. The roots   be sprayed with water to create a
       of off-white in the middle or on the   can store water so they don't mind   humid atmosphere around the plant.
       edges depending on which plant has   being dry occasionally. They should   Chlorophytum may be one of the
       been adopted.                be hydrated on a regular basis, I   most common houseplants which
         They are very easy to look after.   water mine twice a week and more   continues to be popular but it has its
       They like a bright spot but not in   if it's really hot in the summer. I   charms. Such an easy to grow plant
       direct midday sunshine. The plant   prefer to use rainwater which has   which has air purifying properties
       will grow between March and   been brought to room temperature   will remain a traditional favourite for
       September quickly increasing in   and watering from the bottom to   the foreseeable future.

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