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 an interview with
 Gwawr Edwards

 We also featured your cousin Esyllt
 on our front cover a few months ago.
 You seem to have a rather talented
 family?!  Yes  indeed!  My  father’s  a
 By Huw Bates  singer, my sister’s an accompanist,
 my  other  cousin  Rhys  Taylor  who  is
 from  Aberystwyth  is  a  phenomenal
 clarinetist and saxophonist, and now
 my  cousin  Esyllt  has  also  ventured
 into the performing industry... must
 For our 50th edition we have a very  in some amazing places all over the  be something in our blood! Maybe we
 special treat for you as we sent Huw  world  such  as  China,  Hong  Kong,  should have our own show LOL?!
 to  meet  one  of  Ceredigion’s  finest  America, South America and Europe,
 talents, Gwawr Edwards.   and in Britain’s greatest concert halls  Ceredigion’s   answer   to   the
 such  as  the  Royal  Albert  Hall,  Royal  Osmonds? I like it but going  back
 So  Gwawr,  fantastic to meet you.  Festival  Hall,  and  Cardiff  Millennium  to  your illustrious  and  varied
 For those of our readers who  Centre as well as performing in many  career,  what  would  you  say have
 don’t know you, tell me a bit about  operas all over.  been your highlights? That is a very
 yourself.  I grew  up  on  a farm  in   hard  question,  because  I  have  had
 Bethania, half way between Tregaron  Have you  always known  you  so  many  amazing  experiences  that  I
 and Aberaeron where I went to school.  wanted to be a singer or was  honestly can’t just pick one!
 I had a very musical upbringing with  there  a  specific  moment  you  can
 my father being a tenor and my sister  remember that sealed the deal? As  Tell me about a few of them then…
 an accompanist. As a child, I was  I  mentioned  before,  I  have  always  Well as a singer, performing at the
 surrounded by music, listening to my  been surrounded by music, especially  Royal Albert hall was the first highlight
 father practicse singing every night  singing, therefore it’s been nurtured in  I would say - even though I had a bad
 after  supper  as  I  lay  in  bed,  and  he  me from a very young age, therefore  chest infection and was on antibiotics,
 was away somewhere every weekend  it’s  never  really  been  a  question  for  so  it  wasn’t  the  ‘best’  experience  in
 singing.   me.  that sense, but the thrill of walking on
 to that stage for the very first time as a
 And how did your own musical  And to what extent has your father  young singer was quite phenomenal!
 journey begin? I started off competing  Dafydd been an influence upon your  I also sang the anthem at the
 in  Eisteddfodau,  before  joining  my  career?  He  has  been  a  tremendous  homecoming  of  the  Wales  football
 father and sister in concerts, which  influence  on  my  career  as  I  grew  team after their triumph in the Euros,
 gave me great experiences. After  up listening to and following him to  that was quite an amazing feeling as
 leaving  Aberaeron  school,  I  gained  concerts and performing with him. Not  well. Also, just after my daughter Nel
 an entrance scholarship to the Royal  only in the fact that I grew up singing  was born, I started presenting a few
 Welsh  College  of  Music  and  Drama  because  it  was  the  ‘norm’  in  our  programs on S4C and Radio Cymru,
 in  Cardiff  to  study  singing,  before  house,  but  I’ve  also  been  influenced  which I love doing, and the very first
 graduating  with  a  first  class  honours  by  his  style  and  way  of  singing  and  programme for me to present was the
 masters  degree  from  the  Guildhall  interpreting songs. He never studied  history of our family who emigrated
 school of music and drama in London.   music, or went to college, so except  over  to America  two  centuries  ago,
 As a child I also played the piano  from having some voice training, all  so  to  take  Nel  and  my  husband
 and harp, and did my first American  his musicality comes from within, and I  Dan over to where they settled in
 tour where I sang, played the harp  have always admired the passion and  Ohio,  and  create  this  documentary
 and also played piano duets with my  meaning he puts into a song, so that  was  a wonderful  experience  for  me
 sister when I was just 11 years old.  has naturally rubbed off on me I think.  personally and something I’ll never
 Since leaving college, I’ve performed   forget.
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