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local // lleol                                                                               Ben Lake MP with a group of local young women who will help prepare and facilitate the
                                                                                                        ‘Real Talk’ workshop. From left to right: Bethan Jones, Delyn Fritter, Ben Lake, Bethan Ruth and Nia Edwards-Behi.

       Celebrating International

       Women’s Day in


                                                                                                       The ‘Real Talk’ workshop will be hosted
                                                                                                       by Ben Lake and facilitated by a group
              he 8th of March is an   representatives, to proactively   To celebrate International     of local young women, including Nia
              international day of   engage with young women and   Women’s Day on the 8th of March,    Edwards-Behi:
              commemoration for     amplify the voices of young activists   I’ll be holding a world-café style   “I’m very pleased to be part of an
       Twomen and women’s                                       workshop aimed at young women          event like this. Women’s issues were
       rights. The day highlights both   …we have               aged 16-30 at the Coliseum Coffee      the starting point of my interest
       the victories that the women’s                           House in Aberystwyth between 4.30      in politics, and it’s important to
       movement brought forth but more   to amplify             and 6pm.                               remember that these issues are as
       importantly, it’s a day that brings                        The aim of the ‘Real Talk’           much personal issues as they are
       into focus issues of gender, class and   the voices      workshop is to encourage young         political. The event is a brilliant
       race disparities amongst women.   of young               women to engage with political         opportunity for young women in
         While some forms of                                    and social issues in order to bring    the area to have their say about
       discrimination against women   activists.                about change in their lives and        what concerns them most, and
       and girls are diminishing, gender   No one has           communities. Tackling issues such      to express that to someone
       inequality continues to hold                             as living wage, period poverty,        who has some power to begin
       women back and deprives them   more stake                access to mental health services and   to enact change. I hope the
       of basic rights and opportunities.   in creating a       the rural challenges facing young      event will give hope to young
       Empowering women, and young                              women, I want the workshop to          women that there is a way to
       women in particular, requires   better, more             give participants the opportunity to   engage with politics without
       addressing structural issues such as   equal future      share experiences, ask questions,      directly entering that world
       unfair social norms and attitudes                        challenge the status quo and offer     themselves - but, I also hope that
       as well as developing progressive   than they do.        their ideas for a better future. The   maybe the event will inspire some
       legal frameworks that promote                            ultimate goal is for the group to      to involve themselves more directly
       equality between women and men.                          collectively decide on a series of     in politics, in order to pave the way for
       Equality affects us all, and persistent  - no one has more stake in creating a  issues or campaigns that I can take   the changes they want to see.” Free tea,
       inequality disadvantages us all. I   better, more equal future than they   back with me to Westminster, to   coffee and cake will be provided during
       believe it to be our duty, as elected   do.              fight for on their behalf.             the event.                                                Nia Edwards-Behi

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