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e as a town council affirm our underlying   and fascist symbols in places in the town, this is more
                  values and principles by officially   important than ever.
                  declaring Aberystwyth a ‘Hate Free Town’.   In line with this, the Town Council is keen to let people
       W  In so doing we declare and reaffirm     know about Victim Support services. They do a great
       the town of Aberystwyth as open and welcoming to   job and are able to provide support and counselling to
       all; regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orien-  victims. It must be emphasized that it is a confidential
       tation, nationality, language, religion, disability or any   service and the service will only provide the Police with
       other prevailing factor that identifies us all as unique.   information if the victim wants them to. Such support is
       There is no place here for hate and discrimination, nor   more important than ever with restrictions on meeting
       those who wish to perpetuate hate and discrimination   and appalling increases in domestic violence against
       in any tangible form; either by direct personal conduct,   women during the lockout.
       activities online, or by the sale and distribution of hate   In that regard, the Welsh Government launched
       and discrimination related merchandise.    the Hate Crime Hurts Wales campaign, a name which
         There are a number of issues in the town where   mentions the fact that such behaviour is affecting our
       the Town Council is unable to take active action but is   society as a whole, and not just the victims.
       able to have a say. One of them is hate crime. Racism,   Something we as residents
       homophobia, violence against women etc. are all too   can do is to raise awareness of
       common across the country and Aberystwyth is no   the services that are available,
       exception.                                 listen to each other and speak
         Last year, the Council decided to adopt a hate-free   out against such behaviour when
       town policy (see above) stating that such behaviour has   we see it.
       no place in our town. With horrific events like graffiti

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