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local // lleol

       Coleg Ceredigion

       Fully funded training for

       individuals and businesses

       Hyfforddiant wedi’i ariannu’n llawn

       ar gyfer unigolion a busnesau

               new initiative called   scheme.
               a Personal Learning   Jemma Parsons, business      •   Financial and Professional
               Account (PLA) has been   development officer at Coleg   •   Food and Landbased
       A eloped by Welsh            Ceredigion and Coleg Sir Gâr said:   •   Health, Social and Childcare
       Government to address the barriers   “The PLA scheme aims to offer   •   Hospitality, Retail, Leisure
       that face adult learning and rising   eligible individuals the chance to   and Tourism
       skills shortages.            gain the skills and qualifications that
         Colleges and training providers,   employers within priority sectors,   The individual remains in their
       including Coleg Ceredigion and Coleg  need to fill current and future skills   current employment while they
       Sir Gâr are supporting the initiative   shortages.       complete their training. Once you
       by delivering flexible and funded   “Accessing free, part-time training   have completed your course or
       learning plans for individuals and   to fit around people’s commitments   training, you will be equipped with
       businesses.                  and lifestyles, will help them gain   the skills and qualifications needed
         Many adults are discouraged to   qualifications and progress their   to improve career prospects and
       undertake a learning programme   career.                 apply for new opportunities.
       due lack of time or money but this   “It also includes exciting
       initiative aims to remove those   industries such as creative industries  How do I find out more?
       barriers by providing flexible and   which include media, music and   Whether you are an individual
       funded training within priority   performance.”          looking for career progression or a
       sectors.                      Employees who are furloughed   career change, or a business looking
         Businesses are also encouraged   can also apply for the scheme   to upskill your staff, visit https://
       to get involved to access upskilling   regardless of salary.
       programmes for their workforce to   Priority sector training includes   en/personal-learning-accounts to
       help with skills shortages.  long and short courses which are   find out more.
         The scheme is also designed   delivered in the South West and Mid   76% of employees look for
       to help provide a route for those   Wales:               opportunities for career growth
       who are looking for progression,   •   Advanced Materials,   44% of employees believe that
       providing a route out of in-work   Manufacturing and     learning a new skill would enhance
       poverty.                          Engineering            their earning potential
         If you are over 19 years old, earn   •   Construction    40% of people in Wales living in
       less than £26,000 a year and are in   •   Creative Industries  poverty are stuck in a career with
       employment, you are eligible for the   •   Digital and Technology  little or no future progression

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