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       Have your travel
 Ceredigion’s Most Elegant Escape

       plans been trumped?

       Davies Legal Immigration are bringing their services to Wales,
       simplifying the process of traveling and immigrating to America -
       anyone up for a trip to Disney World?

 Discover the things you need to know
 and do to overcome pain.    ven for those who have   Under the Trump Administration, a   references on her phone, a marketing
 A series of sessions designed to get you   no plans to actually move   number of measures have been brought   manager denied entry for sending a
 moving more, hurting less and feeling strong.  to the US, Davies Legal   in, including the requirement to share   WhatsApp message to his US girlfriend
 Call today to book a £15 introductory session to   Luxury Accommodation   Immigration recommend    social media handles. One huge area of   stating he was ‘moving’ to be with her
 find out how we can help  Eenlisting the help of a   confusion under current US immigration   and a Coventry man banned for stating
 Lunch, Dinner & Afternoon Teas
 Weddings & Events  qualified team like theirs. In the current   law is the impact of ‘spent’ criminal   on Twitter he was going to ‘destroy
                                    convictions - past cautions and, most
       political climate, entering the US has
       become more difficult than ever, even for  recently, an admission of drug use or   Davies Legal Immigration frequently
 01970 600522  something as routine as a family trip to   abuse may see a visitor turned away at   deal with Business Visas (E-2 and L-1,)
       Disney World.                the airport, at times simply as a result of   where businesses seek to accomplish
         Director, Dafydd Davies, and his   inappropriate social media posts.  US expansion by opening a US office,
       partner, dual qualified Solicitor and US   According to Kaitlin, “It is always   or an entrepreneur seeks to set up a
 220mm x 300mm  Attorney, Kaitlin Davies, undoubtedly   prudent to review your social media   US enterprise, even in the absence of a
       know the Welsh better than any other US  before entering the US. Anything,   business outside of the US; Tourist Visas
       immigration law firm. Dafydd, an alumni   drug-related or otherwise, including   (B-1/B-2) where those seeking entry for
       of Penweddig School and Aberystwyth   expressions of ‘moving to the US' or   a holiday or brief business trip are not
       University, and Kaitlin, who spent her   threatening statements/language, may   eligible to travel on ESTA (under the
       younger years in the Welsh Valleys, run   cause problems at the border. In the   Visa Waiver Program) and therefore
       a boutique US immigration law firm,   current climate, applicants should be   require a legal argument or waiver of
 The friendly Aberystwyth Hotel at the heart of   Davies Legal Immigration, headquartered  mindful that posts and photographs   inadmissibility; and family green cards,
 Cardigan Bay with prime seafront views
       in London, with offices in Atlanta. The   can be misinterpreted and unlike the   for spouses, children, parents and
       team will shortly introduce a monthly   normal rule of law, a ‘guilty until proven   siblings of US citizens, and at times, US
       opportunity for those who require US   innocent’ approach is taken at the US   lawful permanent residents.
       immigration services to meet with their   border.” This has been demonstrated
       legal team in Wales, rather than making   in the recent cases of a UK chef who
       the long trek to London.     received a 10 year ban due to drug use
                                                                   Whether you’re thinking of
                                                                   trading the Ceredigion coastline
                                                                   for Miami Beach, or just want
                                                                   to pay a visit to Micky Mouse,
                                                                   precautions should be taken and
 High quality comfortable accommodation
 Sea view Restaurant Bar & Lounge                                  advice sought if you plan to travel
                                                                   to America. Seeking help can
 Free private on-site Car Park    Free wi-fi througout hotel       prevent travellers being denied
                                                                   entry to the US, a 10 year ban or
 Book Direct on                                                    even worse, a lifetime ban. Email:
 +44 (0)1970 612201                                      ,  telephone:
                                                                   020 78560395 or visit www.
 w w w .r ac h el s or gan i c .c o . uk / spyarm
 The Richmond, Promenade, Aberystwyth, Wales SY23 2BX

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