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Croeso Nol |Welcome Back...

                                  As Chez Louise Bridal moves into our 13th year in our bridal boutique
                                   after 20 plus years in the fashion industry, within Mid and West Wales
                                   area, we have had to adapt and be innovative to compete with branded
                                   retailers and the very fast moving, changing fashion trends, choices and
                                   current demands.
                                  Along with a pandemic of this last 12 months, we are more ready than
                                 ever to rise to these challenges, meeting the needs of our customers, we
                                are passionate about what we do and continue to offer our on going unique
                               personal  service to our current clients and we are looking forward to
                               meeting new clients and prospering in 2021.
                               Alison’s knowledge in the garment industry and fashion retailing, will give you
                               the condence your choices are right as she works with you, giving her
                                customers an exclusive and enjoyable experience.
                                We are excited to be OPENING OUR DOOR THIS MONTH ON 12TH APRIL
                               to all our current clients,  who will continue their journey of planning and
                               preparing for their wedding day,  also new brides and  bridal parties,  mothers
                              of brides and grooms, Grandma’s and special guests.   [ ENGLISH TO FOLLOW ]
                               We look forward to doing what we do best, making that special occasion extra
                                               ¶  Book your appointment in April to receive a post
                                                lockdown voucher towards your purchase in May.
                                                  ¶  OUR TRUNK SHOW WILL BE STARTING
                                              ON FRIDAY 21ST MAY. (Seasonal trends to look out for)
                                                 ¶  Alison and team look forward to seeing you.
                                                  ¶  We are all covid compliant for your safety.

                   Tel: 07802 290514  |  |
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