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                                     local // lleol20. The EGO®In an era full of virtual distractions, where every hashtag calls us to a new digital adventure, the timeless allure of a good book remains undefeated. Beyond being a form of entertainment, reading acts as a gateway to a realm of subtle benefits, enriching our minds, feeding our souls, and moulding our perspectives profoundly.When we immerse ourselves in a book, we embark on a cerebral journey unlike any other. Research has long attested to the mental and cognitive benefits of reading, emphasising its role in sharpening critical thinking skills, broadening vocabulary, and enhancing comprehension abilities. As we navigate intricate plots and grapple with complex ideas, our brains undergo a cognitive workout, forging new neural pathways and bolstering cognitive function.Moreover, reading fosters empathy by allowing us to inhabit the minds of diverse characters and to walk a mile in their shoes. Studies have shown that avid readers exhibit greater levels of empathy and emotional intelligence, a testament to the transformative power of literature in cultivating compassion and understanding.Beyond its cognitive perks, reading possesses a therapeutic quality that soothes the weary soul and uplifts the spirit. In the pages of a well-loved book, we find solace amidst life’s sorrows and dilemmas, drawing strength from the resilience of literary heroes and the wisdom of timeless tales.Numerous studies have underscored the therapeutic effects of bibliotherapy, wherein reading is employed as a means of psychological healing and self-discovery. Whether seeking refuge from anxiety, navigating grief, or simply seeking a momentary escape from the pressures of Unlocking the benefits of reading: how picking up a book is better for you than you think By Laura Hughes 
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