Page 4 - Aberystwyth EGO January 2021
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photography // ffotograffiaeth

        EGO Abroad

       In every edition we include two shots of
       the EGO® in different parts of the world
       and the list of places we’ve visited keeps
       on growing!
       This month’s first photograph was taken
       by Gareth Stephens on Mystery Island,
       Vanuatu. We’re sure we could all do with a
       trip like that right now!
       Our second snap was sent in by Angharad
       Fflur and here’s the accompanying
       message she sent us at the time: “Dyma
       lun o Gwenda Morgan a Sian Jones yn dal
       rhifyn o’r ‘Ego’ tu allan i Dy Gwyn, Gaiman
       ym Mhatagonia. Fe aethant ar y trip nôl yn
       Ebrill 2019 gyda teithiau Tango.”
       Next month…Mexico!
       Please send all of your foreign photos to and who
       knows, next month this feature could be
       all about you!

       4.        The EGO®
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