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                                                 So, what’s it all about?
                                                 The EGO® stands for “Economic Growth Opportunity”,
                                                 and that’s exactly what we hope to be for Aberystwyth.
                                                 The  magazine  has  been  created  to  give  exposure
                                                 to  everything  and  everyone  in  Aberystwyth  by
                                                 introducing and reintroducing the people, businesses
                                                 and organisations of the town to one another. We also
                                                 aim  to  encourage  people  from  outside  Aberystwyth
                                                 to visit the jewel in the Cardigan Bay crown. All this
                                                 is done in a manner geared towards kick-starting
                                                 local economic growth. For example, each month we
                                                 include a selection of EGO Tokens that will give you
                                                 access  to  a  range  of  offers  in  local  businesses  and
                                                 organisations. We hope that our content will speak
                                                 for itself and that our ethos will resonate with a lot of
                                                 people in Aberystwyth. So, grab a cuppa and a biscuit
                                                 (purchased in one of the town’s fine shops of course!)
                                                 and let The EGO® introduce or reintroduce you to all
                                                 that’s best about Aberystwyth.

                     Huw Bates                              Paddy O’Malley
                     Co-Editor/Co-Founder                   Co-Editor/Co-Founder

          Believe it or not this month’s edition is our 50th. How time flies when   This month I’m particularly excited
          you’re having fun?! I’ve kept a few copies of every edition and lining   by the prospect of the new stir-fry
          them up alongside each other does make great viewing, especially as   takeaway  ‘Wok  2  Eat’.  Take-away
          we’ve only ever repeated two of our cover stars during that time and   food that is healthy, tasty and
          there’s no sign of us ever running out! Speaking of cover stars, I think   freshly cooked using ingredients
          it’s very fitting to be featuring Gwawr on the cover during this landmark   you’ve chosen yourself - what’s
          month as she epitomises the home-grown talent that this area has   not  to  like?!  I  also  can’t  believe
          been consistently producing for decades. Elsewhere, I took my first   we’ve hit 50 issues! Here’s to
          ever steps into a) a furniture store and b) a Haberdashery and I hope   50 more. If you want to discuss
          you enjoy our features on Franks for Furniture and Jennifer Davey   contributing  to  the  magazine  then
          who  runs  Aberdashery.  My  visits  to  these  two  fantastic  businesses   please get in touch via  paddy@
          perhaps demonstrate how we always hoped the EGO® would work:
          i.e these are two businesses I’d never even have thought of entering                              8 Market Street, Aberystwyth SY23 1DL • 01970 358 591
          due to pre-conceived ideas that they didn’t apply to me, yet I’m now
          in negotiations for a new mattress and two hand-made Christmas                                        Beautiful fabrics, haberdashery
          stockings! If you would like to be involved in the EGO® as either a
          contributor, an advertiser or one of our outlets, please drop Huw a line                                       & lots more

                                                               THE  EGO®  IS  A  REGISTERED  TRADEMARK  OF
                                                               ABERYSTWYTH EGO LIMITED
                                                               COMPANY REGISTRATION NUMBER: 09100159
         CO-EDITORS:          Paddy O’Malley   REGISTERED OFFICE: Aberystwyth EGO LIMITED, 6 Maes
                              Huw Bates  Ceiro, Bow Street, Ceredigion, SY24 5BG
                                                               UNITED KINGDOM
                              Dora Coventry  List of directors available at the registered office.
                                                               The EGO® is printed by Cambrian Printers Ltd, Llanbadarn
         ADMINISTRATIVE                                        Road, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3TN
         ASSISTANT:           Nia Bates  The views of our contributors are not necessarily the views
         SALES:       of the editors
                                                               We use for some images.
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