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       PHOTOGRAPHY 6. Pics of the Month 7. Aber Inverted           [A NOTE
       8. Jamie Walker 10. John Hughes LOCAL 14. Nature Notes
       16. Town Council 18. Coleg Ceredigion 20. Aber Food Surplus   FROM THE
       YR ANGOR 22. Arddangosfa yn y ffenestr ffrynt 23. Y Sioe Gymraeg
       ar Radio Bronglais 24. Y Prom, Adar yr Eira a Shane 25. Taith i Ghana   EDITORS]
       ABERAERON 27. April UNI 28. BBC Three is making a welcome
       return to TV for young and 'old' alike 30. How Keats’ poems of death   We’ve noticed a definite
       and lost youth are resonating during COVID-19 BUSINESS 34. Aber   upsurge in the amount of
                                                                   articles we’ve received this
       Golf Club 38. Aber Instruments 40. Gwe Cambrian Web 42. Wishing   month and hopefully that’s a
       Well Crystals 44. Bethan Davies Fitness 46. Bro360 48. Siop y Pethe   sign of increasing confidence
                                                                   in Ceredigion. New businesses
       53. Marks and Spencer 55. Aber Tutoring 56. Redfern Property   such as Bethan Davies Fitness
       Management CREATIVE 58. The Best Laid Plans 62. My Girl     are springing up, established
                                                                   businesses such as Aber
       BOOKS 64. A New Life Emerging From Early Retirement 67. Cofio’r   Instruments are expanding and
       Cwm 68. Focus on Ceredigion author Dr Jacqueline Jeynes     historic Ceredigion institutions
       POETRY 70. Ryan Hannigan and Michael Dante THEATRE 72. Your   such as Aberystwyth Golf Club
                                                                   are re-inventing themselves.
       Stories HISTORY 74. More Cycling Notes by a Novice 76. Aber Old   The future’s bright – the
       and New 77. New in Ceredigion Archives 78. Pan ddel Mai ai lifrai   future’s Ceredigion!
       las, Ar irddail i roi urddas SPORTS 80. ATFC                If you would like to get involved
                                                                   with the EGO® be it as a
                                                                   contributor or an advertiser,
                                                                   drop a line to contact@
                                                                   we’ll be happy to take you
                                                                   through the various options.

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       CO-EDITORS: Paddy O’Malley [],     Bow Street, Ceredigion, SY24 5BG, UNITED KINGDOM. THE
                                                                    COMPANY IS REGISTERED IN ENGLAND AND WALES. List of
       Huw Bates [];                        directors available at the registered office. The EGO® is printed
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