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                                                                  [A NOTE

       PHOTOGRAPHY 6. Photography LOCAL 8. The Designer of Displays 12.   FROM THE
       Extinction Rebellion 14. Gregynog Festival 2019: Vision 16. 100 Years of
       Plant Breeding at Aberystwyth 18. The Joy of Fashion 19. Nature Notes 20.   EDITORS]
       R S Thomas Literary Festival and Poetry Competition ABERAERON 22. Afon
       Aeron 23. June 24. One of the oldest buildings on the quay BUSINESS
       26. Franks 27. Gwe Cambrian Web 30. Y Ffarmers 31. Hughes Architects   This month Huw and Paddy would
       THEATRE 33. Arad Goch 34. Review: NDC Wales 36. It’s Show Time! 38.   like to pay tribute to the EGO’s
       Review: Twelfth Night 39. Review: Patience POETRY 40. Sadayo Takizawa   regular contributors, some of whom
                                                                  have been there since the very first
       MUSIC 42. Mared Emyr ART 43. International Ceramics Festival FOOD 46.   edition. The quality and variety
       Useful Waste 48. Gareth Ward’s philosophy on Meat, Fresh Fish and Ageing   these guys produce month to month
       COUNCIL 50. Town Council 52. Gwasanaeth Casglu Gwastraff newydd   is nothing short of remarkable and
                                                                  hopefully they’ll stay with us on this
       wedi dechrau! COMMUNITY 54. Community briefing HISTORY 56. The   journey for many moons to come!
       Opening of the Railway Line to Aberystwyth 58. Aber Old and New 59. New   Speaking of moons, take a look at this
       in Ceredigion Archives 60. Sheep take centre stage at Ceredigion Museum   month’s Aber Inverted – it’s a goodie!
                                                                  If you would like to get involved with
       61. Unlocking our Sound Heritage SPORTS 62. #myfitnessjourney 64. ATFC   the EGO® be it as a contributor or an
       Season Review LISTINGS 68. What’s On TOKENS 81. EGO Token Recap.   advertiser, why not drop us a line to
       82. Tokens.                                      

 Y Gwastraff Cywir, Y Ffordd Gywir, Y Diwrnod Cywir

 Rhowch eich gwastraff allan mewn cynhwysydd addas erbyn
 08:00 ar ddiwrnod eich casgliad yn unig.
 Mae hyn yn helpu arbed arian, yr amgylchedd

 ac yn cadw Ceredigion yn daclus!

 Right Waste, Right Way, Right Day

 Please present your waste in a suitable container by
 08:00 only on collection day.
 This helps save money, the environment and keep

 Ceredigion clean!

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