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Pics of the Month

       This feature is self-explanatory
       and this month we’ve got
       two more fantastic photos
       for you! Our first picture this
       month was taken by Lynne
       Blanchfield who sent us this
       photo of the ‘Supermoon’ from
       earlier this year. Lynne  told
       us that “rather than a close-
       up shot of the moon and its
       craters, I preferred this shot of
       the effect of the moon on the
       surrounding, swirling clouds,
       which gave more interesting
       colours (though no ‘pink’!),
       shadows and effects.  I had to
       be quick to catch it while it was
       still reasonably visible!”

       Our second photograph was
       sent in by Rhian Cooper of
       Aberdyfi who told us “I thought
       you might like to see my
       husband Josh’s photo which…
       was taken...looking down on to
       Aberdyfi beach of a lone walker.
       Josh entitled the photo - Social
       distancing - Aberdyfi style.”
       We hope that this feature will
       provide an opportunity for both
       local and visiting photographers
       alike, a rare chance to show
       off their best work to literally
       thousands of people.
       Please submit your pictures to
       contact@aberystwythego. and quote reference PIC
       OF MONTH.

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