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photography // ffotograffiaeth                                                                                                                  photography // ffotograffiaeth

                                                                                                        Pic of the Month

                                                                                                       This feature is self-explanatory and once again we’ve   We hope that this feature will provide an opportunity for
                                                                                                       received a superb selection of pics to choose from!  both local and visiting photographers alike, a rare chance to
                                                                                                         This month we’re featuring a photograph taken by Lauren   show off their best work to many thousands of people.
                                                                                                       Mitchell who runs an Instagram called @aber_eye, which   Please submit your pictures to contact@
                                                                                                       features all of her pics of this amazing town. and quote reference PIC OF
                                                        EGO Abroad                                     on Aberystwyth beach!                      MONTH.
                                                                                                         This shot is one of Lauren’s favourites - a beautiful sunset

                                                      In every edition of the EGO® we now include no
                                                      less than two pictures of the magazine in different
                                                      parts of the world which means the number of places
                                                      that the magazine has visited is currently growing at
                                                      twice the usual rate! This month’s first photograph is
                                                      of Henry and Rose Whittaker holding the June 2018
                                                      edition of the EGO® (with a photograph of their                                         Aber Inverted
                                                      Aunty Lorraine and Uncle Andy inside!) taken in
                                                      Kiama, New South Wales, Australia.

                                                      Our second location this month is Poland with a                                       This feature is a photography competition with a
                                                      picture of Anna Kozłowska in Warsaw, sent in by                                       twist – literally!  This month we’re featuring a classic
                                                      regular contributor Denis Bates. Behind Anna is                                       Aberystwyth scene, taken by Jane Owen who had such an
                                                      a modern skyscraper, built very recently in post-                                     amazing response to her photos on the Facebook group
                                                      communist times, and above her head, the “Palace of                                   “You Know You’re From Aberystwyth”, that she thought
                                                      Culture and Science” - a present to the Polish people                                 she’d send them to us and we’re so glad she did!
                                                      from Stalin.                                                                          We think this particular shot works really well in this
                                                                                                                                            feature as the easily recognisable location gives the
                                                      Next month… Spain and Alaska! Please send all of                                      optical illusion even more impact. Why not try and get
                                                      your foreign photos to contact@aberystwythego.                                        your own picture included? Simply send your snaps to
                                             and who knows, next month this feature could                           and we’ll print the
                                                      be all about you!                                                                     most suitable as soon as we can.

       6.        The EGO®                                                                                                                                                     The EGO®        7.
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