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photography // ffotograffiaeth                         photography // ffotograffiaeth

 EGO Abroad

 In every single edition of the EGO® we include a picture   Pic of the Month
 of the magazine in a different part of the world and the
 number of places the magazine has been taken to just
 keeps on growing!
                                                       This feature is self-explanatory and once again we’ve
 This month’s photograph was taken by Carys Briddon in   received a superb selection of pics to choose from!
 Port Victoria, Mahé Island, Seychelles, during a visit to   This month we’re featuring a stunning shot of
 the island on a cruise holiday.                       Aberystwyth Harbour by Harri Jones. Simple as that!
                                                       We hope that this feature will provide an opportunity for
 Next month… Cephalonia!                               both local and visiting photographers alike, a rare chance
                                                       to show off their best work to many thousands of people.
 Please send all of your foreign photos to contact@    Please submit your pictures to contact@ and who knows, next month and quote reference PIC OF
 this feature could be all about you!                  MONTH.

         A View From Above

 Aber Inverted

                                                           Every month we include a photograph from
                                                           somewhere within the EGO’s distribution area
 This feature is a photography competition with            taken from above by Keith Morris, a CAA (Civil
 a twist – literally! This month we’re featuring           Aviation Authority) licensed drone photographer
 a classic Aberystwyth snapshot taken by                   and video maker and this month we’re flying
 Ben Mcmanus. In the distance you will see a               over… Penrhyncoch! Keith’s aerial images can
 magnificent murmuration of starlings at this              be seen and bought at Siop Ffoto Siop in Pier
 instantly recognisable location, but take a closer        Street, Aberystwyth, or from  his online galleries
 look and all is not as it seems! Why not try and          at Contact him if you
 get your own picture included? Simply send your           want to commission high quality aerial views of
 snaps to and                 your business or property. Watch this space for
 we’ll print the most suitable as soon as we can.          another one of Keith’s pics next month.

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