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local // lleol  Images by // lluniau gan Theo Delahaye, Brian Swaddling, Chris Best.

 Theo Delahaye

 now standing!

 ello, my name is Theo   on youth work is about listening to   To raise awareness and raise money
 and I am a sixteen-  what young people need. She says, “I   for the charity TGP Cymru, I will
 year-old student in   use my experience as an ‘older person’   be holding an event at Aberystwyth
 Aberystwyth. Two   to help them move forward, helping   Museum on Saturday 30th of November.
 years ago, I became   formulate their ideas, plans, sorting   The event will be a disco with visuals and
 Hvery unwell and I was   out problems, empowering them to   lighting, featuring electronic dance music
 diagnosed with depression and anxiety.   see their strengths and to guide them   along with nostalgic classics.
 I was frequently low and upset and I had   on their paths.”  Thomas has also been   Come and join me to celebrate!
 to leave everything and everyone as I   through dark times, struggling with
 had become bed-bound. It was a struggle   mental health problems, and he had an
 to explain anything when I was in this   exhibition in Aberystwyth Arts Centre   Contact details and information
 state, and for others to understand.  I   where he expressed himself with his
 did experience some negative attitudes   great photographs showing his personal   Tîm Teulu (Early intervention
 towards me but a lovely lady from Tîm   experience.  support to families with children):
 Teulu helped with communicating with   I have always had an ambition to have
 the school and I’ve been lucky and very   personal film projects which started   01545 572649
 grateful for the support from wonderful   when I went to film academy, animation   SCAMHS (Specialist Child
 people from SCAMHS, Youth Services   and photography classes at Aberystwyth   and Adolescent Mental Health
 and TGP Cymru. A lovely occupational   Arts Centre when I was younger.  My   Service) Crisis referrals though
 therapist and psychologist helped me   animation teacher was the late Paul   GP / hospital:  01267 674083
 for a whole year of rehabilitation with   Davis who is my main inspiration to
 my physical and mental health and   carry on with this passion. I am now   Ceredigion Youth Services:
 gave me the tools to cope in the future   studying media in Coleg Ceredigion with  01545
 which includes my keeping well and   amazing and supportive tutors and staff.  572352
 crisis management plan. They became   I learnt more than I could have ever   TGP Cymru (Traws Gynnal
 so close to me and it was a relief to   expected from my time of recovery. It   Plant) is a charity working with
 get the appropriate and understanding   had become a long journey but now my   children, young people and
 help I needed. I had to focus on myself   projects within my media passion await   families across Wales to make a
 and I was so lucky to have those who   me and I look forward to a positive   positive, lasting difference during
 understood me and who did not forget   future.  This keeps me going in life   challenging times:  02920 396 974
 about me.   as it is good to develop a passion for
 I was assigned a home educator, Erica   hobbies and interests and work towards
 Davies, by the local authority who has   something with great people.  It is a   Other useful websites where help
 been very supportive and she organised   struggle for most people at this age and   can be accessed are on
 a young youth worker, Thomas Evans, to   it’s important to get help early when it’s
 become my mentor.  Erica’s perspective   needed.

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