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 The Anna Evans

 Community Arts Grant

 Scheme By Stephen


 nna Evans   I, along with Anna’s
 sadly passed   friends, colleagues and
 away on   family, would like her legacy
 the 27th   to live on by introducing
 of August   a Community Arts Grant
 Afollowing an   Scheme in her name.
 accident whilst on holiday.  The aim of this would
 She was an active member   be to give an annual grant
 of the arts community   to a creative or group in
 in Aberystwyth and   Ceredigion to work on a
 Ceredigion, working both   community focussed project
 as a freelance artist, as well   and that’s where we need
 as for Ceredigion Museum,   your help. In order to keep
 The Royal Commission on   Anna’s work alive, we need
 the Ancient and Historical   your donations to help reach
 Monuments of Wales, and   our target and thanks so
 most recently on a project   much to everyone who has
 called Cartref/Home based at   already donated.
 the Aberystwyth Arts Centre.
 Anna’s work spanned the
 field of the arts from Painting
 and Printing, through to
 audio works and photography,   Please help us keep
 with her roots firmly planted   Anna’s work alive.
 in the community. She would   For more information
 often spend long nights   email contact@
 painting, sawing and ensuring or to
 that everything was perfect   donate, visit www.
 for the exhibition to open the
 following day.

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