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photography // ffotograffiaeth

         Harriet Duffy

                                                            Over the past few months, we’ve
                                                            been featuring photospreads by local
                                                            photographers, and this month is no

                                                            This month we’re introducing you to
                                                            the work of Aberystwyth University
                                                            undergraduate Harriet Duffy.

                                                            She told us “My main passions are 35mm
                                                            film photography and Ceredigion. By
                                                            combining the two, I’ve been able to
                                                            produce a selection of photographs that
                                                            act as love letters to the county.”
                                                            With these beautiful words in mind,
                                                            we really hope you enjoy this fantastic
                                                            selection of Harriet’s work.

                                                            If you’d like to be considered for this
                                                            feature, please email us on contact@

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