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Ewch i’n gwefan    Visit our website a chwilio and search or
 neu bori ein casgliadau    browse our numerous and
 ar-lein helaeth ac   varied online collections:

 • Llyfrau

 • Papurau    •  Mapiau  • Books
   Newydd  •  Darluniau    • Newspapers

 • Llawysgrifau
 • Maps

 • Pictures

 Beth bynnag eich diddordebau –   Whatever your interests - family history,    Join Our Team
 hanes teulu, gwaith academaidd   academic work or simply just browsing
 neu bori trwy weithiau celf hardd,   through beautiful artworks, there’s plenty
 mae digonedd i ddysgu a difyrru.  to inform and entertain.  Financial Systems Analyst

          We are looking for an experienced
 Digwyddiadau Ar-lein | Online Events  Finance Systems Analyst to undertake the

          development of internal  nancial processes,

          control policies and procedures for both our
 Mae’r Llyfrgell yn cynnal rhaglen o ddigwyddiadau ar-lein rheolaidd ar Zoom a
 Facebook.    UK and global operations.

 Am fanylion llawn ein digwyddiadau ewch i:
          For more details please visit

 The Library holds a regular programme of online events on Zoom and Facebook.

 For full details of our events go to:

         At ABER we’re committed to setting the standard for career opportunities,
         work life balance, and the ability to discover and do your life’s work with a
         company that is driving change in the most important spheres and sectors.  |  |  |

   @NLWales | @LLGCymru      llgcymrunlwales      @librarywales
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