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       contents                                                     Zamurovic Photography
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       cynnwys                                                     [A NOTE

                                                                   FROM THE

       PHOTOGRAPHY 6. Pics of the Month 7. Aber Inverted 8.        EDITORS]
       Jamie Walker 10. Harriet Duffy LOCAL 14. In the Garden…
       16. Town Council 18. Coleg Ceredigion 22. Cath Morgan 24.   By the time this article goes live,
       Awaken Theatre Company receive first Anna Evans Community   outdoor hospitality will have re-opened
                                                                   and yet more people will have been
       Arts Grant 26. Focus on Tourism in Wales 28. Melissa Davies   vaccinated (including our co-founder
       YR ANGOR 30. Catrin Hollowood Dafis, Llygredd a’r Byd       Huw!) so there really does seem to
       Ffasiwn 31. Cegin Patagonia yn Llanbadarn! 32. Natur o’n    be a sense of us all emerging from
                                                                   the darkness. This is reflected in
       Cwmpas 33. Llaeth Teulu Jenkins ABERAERON 35. May           this month’s magazine, with David
       UNI 36. New health research to help save African penguins   Williams’ usual Nature Notes article
                                                                   reinventing itself as “In The Garden
       from extinction BUSINESS 38. Pugh Computers 40. Wishing     With..”, our creative section being as
       Well Crystals 44. Gwe Cambrian Web 46. Bro360 54. Redfern   vivid and imaginative as ever (including
                                                                   the results of our latest Short Short
       Property Management CREATIVE 56. 25 Word Story Results      Story competition) and the largest
       60. Bard of Bards 62. A Passable Writer 64. The Left-Hand   percentage of Welsh language or
                                                                   bilingual articles we’ve included for
       Drawer BOOKS 66. Review: Badly Chopped Carrots And          a long while, thanks to the likes of Yr
       Everyday Dinners POETRY 69. Rychard Carrington THEATRE      Angor, Bro Aber 360, Aberystwyth Town
       70. Arad Goch HISTORY 72. Bethel Baptist Chapel 76. Aber    Council and Arad Goch. Also, anyone
                                                                   who’s used the phrase “Fe ddaw eto
       Old and New 77. New in Ceredigion Archives 78. Surveying    haul ar bryn” was right – after the snow
       the Streets 2: Some more plans of Aberystwyth SPORT 80.     at the start of April it’s been glorious
                                                                   ever since!
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