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photography // ffotograffiaeth

         Pics of the Month

       This feature is self-
       explanatory and with EGO
       Abroad taking a break for
       obvious reasons, we’re now
       able to dedicate a bit more
       space to your superb snaps!

       Our first photograph was
       taken by regular contributor
       Simon Batty at the Teifi
       Pools. “A snow pic in May?”
       you might well ask… but
       would you bet against it
       these days?!
       Our second pic is also by
       Simon Batty and is of Orion’s
       Belt above Strata Florida
       Abbey (unless anyone can
       tell us otherwise anyway!)
       We hope that this feature
       will provide an opportunity
       for both local and visiting
       photographers alike, a
       rare chance to show off
       their best work to literally
       thousands of people.
       Please submit your
       pictures to contact@ and
       quote reference PIC OF

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